Windows Loopback Exemption Manager

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Project Description
GUI to enable Loopback Exemptions for Universal Windows Apps and Windows 8 Modern UI Apps
By default, Windows Modern UI and Universal Apps are forbidden to send network traffic to the local Computer. In order to debug Apps with a tool, we need to enable Loopback capabilities for those Apps.
This tool enables the management of the Apps that can connect to the local Computer.
More information about this topic:
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Fiddler and Windows 8 Metro-style applications
How to enable loopback and troubleshoot network isolation (Windows Store apps)
Check the source code of this project on a sample usage of the Network Isolation APIs :

· NetworkIsolationEnumAppContainers

· NetworkIsolationFreeAppContainers

· NetworkIsolationGetAppContainerConfig

· NetworkIsolationSetAppContainerConfig

This tool does basically the same thing as Fiddler EnableLoopback Utility available here
Thanks to Eric Lawrence for helping with the PInvokes.
Tiago Andrade e Silva

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